I am Kishor P. Shastri  from Vadodara , Gujarat, India.  Retired from State Bank of India.  Right now, I am in New Jersey, USA.

I shall try my best to be of some good use to visitors by posting the reading material generated by me and received from my e- contacts like wise topics on spiritual, inspiration, information, knowledge, health, humor,yog,  music etc. Music is my best choice!

સમય મળે ને જ આ વાંચજો….આ ફક્ત “નિજાનંદ” માટે જ  છે!  મર્યાદિત સાધનો, મર્યાદિત આવડત માટે દરગુજર કરશો.

Comments for improvements are welcome and shall be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

Kishor Shastri


9 Responses to “About”

  1. tdjoshi Says:

    Congratulations for constructing such a wonderful blog. I am delighted. A few suggestions: – (1) Seperate each article. (2) At the end of each article Star rating, like / unlike buttons will be there so each article can attract Star rating, likes, and comments. (3) Go to your accounts setting and make it for public. (4) Any one can read and comment. (3) Comments shall be moderated and approved or disapproved by you. Please do visit my blogs: –

    1. kps0715 Says:

      Thanks..Joshi saheb,
      Noted for future compliance…Pl. keep in touch..

  2. ભલે પધાર્યા.. અવનવું પીરસતા રે’જો.

  3. chandravadan Says:

    સમય મળે ને જ આ વાંચજો….આ ફક્ત “નિજાનંદ” માટે જ છે! મર્યાદિત સાધનો, મર્યાદિત આવડત માટે દરગુજર કરશો…………………….
    With these words, you had made your inroduction to your Blog.
    I am very happy to know that now while residing in New Jersey, U.S.A. you will be devoting your time in this Blogging Activities.
    Congratulations !
    Welcome to the WebJagat !, Kishorbhai.
    DR. CHANDRAVADAN MISTRY (Chandrapukar)
    Inviting you to my Blog Chandrapukar…may be you had visited in the past..but hoping for your REVISIT.
    May you come to my Blog again & again.
    I will come to your Blog again !

    1. kps0715 Says:

      Thanks, Sir
      I will also revisit your Blog…


    WONDERFUL effort which is very inspirational for every young person.GREAT COMPILATION ON SERIES OF SUBJECT. KEEP IT UP.

    1. kps0715 Says:

      Thanks, Jhala saheb,
      Object is the same!! Also for my self satisfaction..Do visit the blog, when you get time….

  5. manvant Says:

    Tum jiyo hazaro sal…Saalke din ho pachas hazar ! Best wishes K.Dada.

  6. neeta Says:

    good effort and your tips are always useful i know nitin still take harde



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